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400 years of the King James Bible: Click here for a great 3 minute run through of how the language of the Bible has shaped how we speak today...



Bibledex is an excellent resource for getting a handle on each book of the Bible, and much more besides!  Click here to watch the video's.  Enjoy.




The written, revealed and inspired word of God is essential for knowing who God is, how He has secured our salvation in Christ Jesus and for our ongoing health and growth in living as followers of Jesus.  The Apostle Paul writes in Romans 12:2 that we are to be "...transformed by the renewing of our minds..."

As we read, study, contemplate, learn to interpret and pray through the Bible, the Spirit of God does a work of transformation in us that we become more Christ-like.  And in the process of our minds being transformed, our hearts too are warmed, and our affections and desires are won over to the glorious love of God. 

The Bible offers much, much more than information or mere facts.  It is through this writing that most fully offers us God's intimate Presence - whether in praying Scripture, studying it, hearing it, reading it, singing it, repeating it, memorizing it, acting it out, wrestling with it, fearing it, trusting it, finding comfort in it, or being challenged by it.  Embracing Scripture as a setting for meeting with God, rather than as a repository of half-hidden information, frees us to explore ever more fully God's Presence with us.  We do not have to find either a special meaning or the one true meaning in every message.  





John Stott, formerly Rector of All Souls Langham Place and the founder of Langham Partnership, outlined this vision in what he called the Langham Logic: