Barton Baptist Church

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Easter at Barton Baptist Church:

Palm Sunday Service 10.30am

Maunday Thursday Communion Service 7pm

Good Friday Service 10.30am

Easter Sunday Service 10.30am

              (There is no evening service)


“It is not easy to convey a sense of wonder, let alone resurrection wonder, to another. It’s the very nature of wonder to catch us off guard, to circumvent expectations and assumptions. Wonder can’t be packaged, and it can’t be worked up. It requires some sense of being there and some sense of engagement.”
Eugene Peterson


The wonder of Easter is not only that Jesus died FOR US (because he loves us even though we be rebels), but that death could not even finish him off because he also rose from the dead FOR US (because he is God and our life is truly found in him) .  That is the claim of the Church and the experience of millions of people over 2000 years.  If you've ever doubted that God loves you, at Easter and every day of the year we look at the Cross of Jesus and see that he does!  Click this link here for a great discussion that seeks to answer this quesion:  Did Jesus rise from the dead?


  That is the question!